Aiva Aparjode

Aiva Aparjode

Birth date - 18.02.1977.

Birth place - Saulkrasti

In luge sport since - 1990

Education - Aukstakā Pedagoģīskā un pirmā līmeņa augstākā medicīniskā.

Learners - Kendija Aparjode, Kristers Aparjods, Anda Upīte, Zane kaluma, Visus neuzskaitīšu(tikai labākos un lielākos).

Learners achivements - Kristers Aparjods – divkārtējs Junioru pasaules čempions, Jauniesu olimpiādes čempions, Junioru pasaules čempionāta Sudraba medaļas ieguvējs. Eiropas Junioru čempionāta sudrabs, bronza gan individuāli, gan komandu stafetēs. XXIII Ziemas olimpiskajās spēlēs 11. vieta Kendija Aparjode – Junioru pasaules čempionātā sudrabs komandu stafetē. Eiropas čempionāta pieaugušajiem 5. vieta individuāli, 3. vieta komandu stafetē stafetē 2018.g. Anda Upīte- Junioru čempionāta 6. vieta komandu stafetē.

Goals - Sagatavot jauno paaudzi kamaniņu sportā!

Motto - Nebaidies sapņot, jo sapņi mēdz piepildīties

Work start date - 01.01.2010.

Hobbies - Sports, ceļošana.

I was born in Saulkrasti, and I'm still living there now. I can't think of any other place on earth where it would be better :)

Since my lifestyle is very active, and all the things that I do, are more or less related to each other, then I can say, without a doubt, that my job is my hobby. In the morning, I'm a physiotherapist, at lunch time I'm fulfilling deputy duties, but afternoon I spend with the new luge racers. In the evening? In the evening I run fitness classes at Saulkrastu sports center. :)

But most of all I love the luge sport. :) It is like a balsams for the soul :)

I teach my students. 'What can't be done with work, you can do with a lot of work.' And if you have a goal, then sooner or later you will achieve it, you have to want it. If you haven't reached it yet, then you didn't want it enough.

Young athletes need a lot of moral support. Not necessarily everything works out at the beginning. Then the coach is the one who cheers them up and makes it clear that the coach is his biggest support, which, if needed, will give a hard time or hug, and tap on the shoulder. Will make you believe in yourself and tell YOU CAN DO IT ..... AND I BELIEVE IN YOU.

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